April 14th, 2012

Matt Davis @ TVDChicago

TVDChicago recap (via @tvdnews on twitter)
read from the bottom up

Davis’ explanation of Cult sounds a lot more interesting than the write-ups I’ve read. He seems stoked about it. #TVDChicago #Davis

Was very excited to put his stamp on Klaus before the role was cast, so it was like “BOOM! [expletive] you, JoMo!” #TVDChicago #Davis

Relates to Alaric “as the teacher.” which gets a laugh. #TVDChicago #Davis

On auditioning for Alaric: Easy. Taped a video. Got called months later. Flew to ATL days later. Life changed. #TVDChicago #Davis

Apparently filming Blue Crush was a nightmare. Turns out Davis can’t surf and is terrified of sharks. #TVDChicago #Davis

Dream role: “I would love to do the prequel to Blade Runner with Ridley Scott.” #TVDChicago #Davis

"I still believe in aliens." That story deserves a slow clap, man. #TVDChicago #Davis

"I’m not the alien!" - @CandiceAccola according to @ErnestoRiley. #TVDChicago

Matt is telling us about an elaborate practical joke played on him. “Holy shit, Zach, the aliens sent me a rock!” #davis #tvdchicago

Davis was convinced Candice was the alien. #TVDChicago #Davis

This alien/rock/Marcos story is going to kill me. (V) #TVDChicago #Davis

Most practical jokes? “First season..Marcos Siega” He’s telling the infamous alien call. #tvdcon #davis

Who plays the most practical jokes on set? Nina, you have to watch her. #TVDChicago

Fave TV show as a child: Most INFLUENTIAL was GI Joe, then Cheers. Then maybe Alf. #TVDChicago #Davis

Who messes up the most on set: “I love you, buddy. Ian.” #TVDChicago #Davis

How do you get into character? Alaric is a vampire hunter, teacher, and protector. It’s all about creating a link and channeling. #tvdcon

Legally Blonde question! He apparently fawned all over Reese Witherspoon while filming; he was very “green”. She made him better #TVDChicago

Apparently the guy to ask for movie quotes is Steven R. McQueen #Davis #tvdchicago

fan: What 3 traits describe you? Matt: “ummm…” Fan in crowd: INDECISIVE! Big laughs. #tvdchicago #davis

Someone brought up Urban Legend. “I forgot I was even in that movie.” #TVDChicago #Davis

On playing a psycho: not hard, no moralizing, enjoy being bad. #TVDChicago #Davis

Who from the cast would survive/not last on a deserted island. Him and Zach would survive, Paul, Ian & Nina wouldn’t last a day. #TVDChicago

Favorite S3 scene has yet to air. Crowd a little nervous. #TVDChicago #Davis

Aaaaand here’s Matt Davis! #TVDChicago #Davis http://pic.twitter.com/jG3EpUI2 Twitter / Vampire-Diaries-Net: Aaaaand here’s Matt Davis!

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